Papers about Rolf Structural Integration

Rolfing is about Core Experience (brochure, 1992)

The Mirror of Awareness in Structural Integration (Maupin, 2006)

Introduction to Rolf Structural Integration (Maupin, 1990)

Papers about Somatic Education and Awareness

Somatic Education: its Origins, Ancestors, and Prospects (Maupin, 1998)

Mentor and Protegé (Maupin, 1992)

Notes for a Theory of Somatic Bodywork (Maupin, 1998)


Four Philosophical Phases of a 20th Century Life

A brief autobiography (2020)

Marriage Maxims

A card, available for sale with envelope. Written when my daughter got married. (1996)

Cosmic Laughter

Looking back at the Great Waking-Up Morning. (poem, 1998)